LeJog – April’21 Challenge

Days: Arrived after 27 days
Distance: Completed 1744km (100%)

Help to save the forest

1 290€ raised of 1 500€ target (86%)
thanks to 16 supporters

Fundraising campaign is now over, thank you very much again to all supporters!

I am in contact with WWF on that matter to solve it ASAP, meanwhile you can provide your email below to be alerted once it’s back.

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About this site

Like the most of us, I was put on a bicycle at a very young age and it has been since then my favorite way of transportation. More recently, in 2017, I was pulled into road cycling by my brother in law with a 40km ride that I will never forget (nor will my legs :p). Since then I slowly started to pratice more and more until April 2020 when I bought a smart trainer along with a Zwift subscription (see My virtual bike setup) which took the thing up to another level…

Beside cycling, I also love nature. I was raised close to a forest where I use to go very often to walk around and climb in the trees. When looking back, I really enjoyed it. Beside I was also passionate about animals, especially wild ones, and spent countless hours reading books and magazines, contemplating the marvelous work of mother nature. Later on, as a teenager, I even had envisaged to become a veterinary at some point…

This site is an attempt to share my passion for riding bikes with the hope that I could also try to do something about nature and the future of our planet in general. I strongly believe that we owe that to the future generations…

My attempt might not be a lot but I am a strong believer that small streams can become rivers… and it has to start somewhere so here we are! 😉

This month (April’21), I set myself a challenge « LeJog » associated to a fundraising to help save a forest in order raise awareness and contribute to a real project.

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