LeJog – April’21 Challenge

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Fundraising campaign is now over, thank you very much again to all supporters!

I am in contact with WWF on that matter to solve it ASAP, meanwhile you can provide your email below to be alerted once it’s back.

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Category: Ecology

Primary vs Secondary Forest: What’s the difference?

Did you know there was different types of forests namely Primary Forest and Secondary Forest? If not let’s, what a better day than Earth’s day to find out together what the differences are?! Primary Forest is the normal and natural state of the forest which enabled all types of...

How to eat eco-friendly food?

While eating food from his own garden is unbeatable on many aspects, it is unfortunately not possible for everyone. Buying fresh seasonal and local products is a nice alternative but it can’t answer all the needs for the general population. In the end beside these two obvious solutions, what...

Current deforestation facts

Today (LeJog Day#14) is a rest day to let my body recover of all these miles I covered for the past two weeks. I wanted to share a short video that I believe is well made to explain the current trend of deforestation, its effects but also the fact...

Helping with reforestion: why?

This short video from the WWF Living Planet Report 2020 (EN – FR) page, in an effort to raise awareness about the current world situation it gives us facts and key messages like « NATURE IS OUR ALLY / NOT OUR ENEMY » and « WE TAKE FROM IT FASTER THAN IT...

LeJog Day#6 – #Together4Forests

Rest Day! Even if I could have ridden a bit today as well, I believe it was better for my body to give it some time off in order to recover and I might actually do the same tomorrow to be in very good shape on Thursday. This is...