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LeJog Day#19 Edinburgh Castle

Week-end is over but the journey continues, today I passed by Edinburgh and more especially Edinburgh Castle from where I wrote a quick postcard. Below you will find some interesting facts about it :

Castle Rock is an extinct volcano, it was formed around 350 million years ago – but at 130 metres above sea level, there’s evidence that it was a prime area for a tribal hill fort from as early as the 2nd century AD. 

An archaeological dig in the 1990s showed even earlier occupation, to at least the Iron and possibly even the Bronze age. Even the more recent settlement would make Castle Rock the oldest site in constant occupation in Scotland. Additionally, a few Roman finds would indicate that there was at the very least free trade across Hadrian’s Wall, if not any serious Roman settlement. 

Central to almost all historical events that changed the course and face of Scotland forever, the Castle is still in full and active use – not only is it one of the few ancient castles in Britain still to have a garrison, but it is also a thriving visitor attraction. Should you happen to visit around lunchtime, listen out for the One O’Clock Gun, which is fired every day exactly on the hour of one, except for Sundays, Christmas Day, and Good Friday.  

Part of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site, the Castle achieved the ultimate in modern fame in 2009 – it appeared on the back of the Scottish 10 pound note, issued by Clydesdale Bank.

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