LeJog – April’21 Challenge

Days: Arrived after 27 days
Distance: Completed 1744km (100%)

Help to save the forest

1 290€ raised of 1 500€ target (86%)
thanks to 16 supporters

Fundraising campaign is now over, thank you very much again to all supporters!

I am in contact with WWF on that matter to solve it ASAP, meanwhile you can provide your email below to be alerted once it’s back.

Random Meme

Courtesy of Jeff

LeJog Day#25 – 126km left till the end

Another day has passed, today I went outside to do my daily mileage counting toward the virtual challenge. Added 120 kilometers to the counter and as you can see on the picture on the right, it’s almost the distance left until I reach the finish line at John o’ Greats.

Yes the journey is almost over and I must say I feel a bit sad about it as I really enjoyed this mixed aventure of physical challenge coupled to deforestation awareness and fundraising.

Speaking of which, I would like to say a big thank you to the last supporters who increased the counter up to 63% of the target.

If you also want to help, please visit the fundraising page where everything is explained 😉

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